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NOW offering Semaglutide and Tirzepatide Weight Loss by appointment only!
$100 Members
*Additional s
upply and medication cost apply

For a weight loss consultation OR a Botox/Filler appointment, please fill out the below information and a member of our team will contact you.

Thank you for submitting your request. A staff member will contact you shortly via email or phone for an appointment.

NOW offering BOTOX and FILLERS by appointment only!

Our Mission:


Regain control of your health, your money, and your time with Direct Primary Care. With Ohana, you will find a very personalized medical experience that mimics what it would be like to actually have "a medical provider in your family." From annual exams and wellness visits all the way to ear infections and suturing of wounds, we will take care of you. You will never have to visit urgent care again because all your primary care and urgent care needs will be met under one roof. With Ohana, you will never again feel like your healthcare is over priced and under-served.  


"Putting into words how Ohana has changed my family's life is hard. I’m a small business owner and my husband is a disabled veteran, we can not afford traditional health insurance.

Something simple, like an ear infection means a trip to urgent care. Our last urgent care visit took 4 hours and cost us $376, plus a trip to the pharmacy for meds that took over an hour and cost $79.

Something not so simple, like the stitches I needed after slicing my thumb open set us back $4,768 because I had to go to the emergency room.

For one low monthly price my family is now covered by Ohana. I don’t have to worry about “what if’s” or “can we afford this” when it comes to medical care.

Annual visits, ear infections, flu symptoms, stitches... anything you would go to a primary care OR urgent care for - Ohana handles!!

Since they know my family and I well, when I need something that doesn't technically require an office visit, I just text them!


Doesn’t get much better than that."

                                -Ohana Member 

Hours of Operation:








By Appointment only

By Appointment only

By Appointment only

By Appointment only

By Appointment only

By Appointment only

By Appointment only

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